Are you a Christian...Wanting to Get UNSTUCK, PURSUE Your Dreams, Passions, and PurposeWITHOUT Getting Overwhelmed by it All?


If you want to re-connect with your DREAMS 

and create a step-by-step plan to

then working with a Life Purpose Coach

trained to help you is the only way to go.

100% Confidential

Akpene Torku
Life Purpose Coach

Let me help you get UNSTUCK and PURSUE Your Dreams, Passions, and Purpose…. WITHOUT Getting Overwhelmed by it All!

Do you feel STUCK?  Not sure of your NEXT STEP in life?  Wondering about your PURPOSE?


Have your dreams and plans not turned out as you expected?


Maybe you're at a CROSSROADS in life and need some INPUT?  A sounding board? 


Do you WISH you had someone to help you think through your next steps and WEIGH all of your options, so you get it RIGHT this time?


Maybe you need direction?  A career change?  Clarity of purpose?  Meaning in life?


Maybe you're just SO TIRED and OVERWHELMED with everything on your plate right now that you can hardly think straight…


Wouldn't it be NICE to have someone to TALK TO and help you MAKE SENSE of it all?

Can I share a secret with you?

If you want to re-connect with your DREAMS and PASSIONS…and create a step-by-step plan to ACHIEVE THEM…then working with a Life Purpose Coach trained in helping you do just that is the only way to go.


Hi, my name is Akpene…and I'm a Life Purpose Coach.


I know, I know…It sounds like I'm tooting my own horn here….


Well, I guess I am…But do you know WHY?


Because I have helped so many people just like you RE-DISCOVER your dreams and passions and turn them into building blocks to reach new goals and FLOURISH in who you're created to be.


Do you know what my name means?  Akpene?


It's Eve (from the Eve tribe in West Africa) for "Thanks be to God!"


I think you'll say exactly that as a result of us meeting together.


As a Christian Life Purpose Coach, I know how to listen to your story, ask clarifying questions to help you re-focus, and then help you create an action plan to get there.


I've helped CEO's get organized & refine their vision….


I've coached writers to start writing and get their first book published….


I've guided new leaders as they stepped into positions of greater authority…


I've helped busy moms get their home life more organized….


I've helped entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground and flying….


No matter the CHALLENGE you're facing….I can help.

But it's not going to be easy...

Friend, can I be honest with you? 


This is going take WORK on your part….you have to WANT this….


My coaching doesn't help everyone…


There are some people who just want to sit back and have someone do the work for them…


I can't do that for you…I WON'T do that TO you….




Because, this is YOUR LIFE we're talking about….


It's YOUR DREAMS that are at stake….


I can't make those DREAMS come true….only YOU can….with my help…


If you WANT change, direction, clarity, purpose….and those DREAMS to come true…


Then the NEXT STEP is to schedule some one-on-one time with us…


I want to HEAR your HEART…hear your DREAMS…


I want to understand the PAIN and ROADBLOCKS you're facing…


So I can help you OBLITERATE THEM….and get you on the ROAD to your FUTURE.  

Let Me Coach You...
Here's What You'll Get

  • A FREE Discovery Call with me to hear your story, explore solutions that will be effective, and decide on a plan of action for how I can help you get BREAKTHROUGH

  • Six one-on-one coaching sessions to provide accountability, training, and breakthrough to the next level

  • Access to a private Facebook group that provides support and encouragement for women just like you learning to reach for their dreams. You'll never feel alone again! 

  • Access to a FREE online test you can take to "Discover your Personality Type" and get practical tips to help you understand yourself and others better

  • A FREE Webinar called "Chaos into Order" that will provide action steps you can take to help order your world and bring the "chaos" down to a tolerable level again

  • 50% off a webinar called "Boundaries - Building Fences not Fortresses" that will help you restore peace in life and establish healthy boundaries in relationships

Sound Amazing?
Here's What To Do Next...

I'm part of the Kingdom Coaches Network - an elite group of Christian coaches skilled in delivering breakthrough for our clients.  


Do you want breakthrough? 


The first step in our process is to talk with someone who can help.


No high pressure sales tactics.  No commitments.  No obligation. 


Just an honest conversation between two people in the Lord…and real HOPE for your future.


Schedule some time with us TODAY….

The first step is to talk with us...
We're here to help. 

Seriously, if you want to re-connect with your DREAMS and PASSIONS…
and create a step-by-step plan to ACHIEVE THEM…
then working with a Kingdom Coach is the answer you've been looking for.

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