Are you a Christian...wanting to BREAK FREE from porn?

If you want to break FREE form porn…and do it confidentially without anyone knowing…
then one-on-one coaching with a Kingdom Coach
is the best way to go.

100% Confidential

Robert Duncan

Break Free From Porn Addiction...
Confidentially With My Help

Hey guys!


My name is Robert Duncan and I help Christian men struggling with porn and other addictions kick the habit.


Maybe it started with a swimsuit magazine or a scantily clad model on the internet…


You probably thought…"Just one look won't hurt.  I'm just admiring what God created…"


And then one picture led to another…and another…and then...  


The next thing you know, what began as a few minutes of viewing has turned into hours…and perhaps many days in a row…and probably as often as you can get away with it…


Do you wake up and still have the IMAGES in your mind from the night before?  


Do you wonder if you covered your tracks enough so NO ONE will find out?


Do you feel shame or guilt for indulging in porn AGAIN….maybe even vow you'll never let it happen again….but then it does? 


As time goes on, do the thoughts and images and urges flood your mind and grow stronger and STRONGER until you start planning a time to act out again…  


Do you wonder…How did I get here?  Why can’t I quit? 


Can I tell you something? 

It's Not Your FAULT!

Not really….


You see, porn is a powerful drug, as addictive as cocaine and heroin. 


Porn activates the pleasure center of your brain and causes a release of dopamine. That's the “feel good” hormone that is the most pleasurable reward your brain can give you. 


As with any drug, you feel good for a while….until the crash comes. 


Then comes the shame and guilt of viewing porn. The subtle realization of…"What have I done?"


So what does an addict do then? 


They get another hit in order to make the pain, shame, guilt, stress or discomfort go away. 


Now you are caught up in the binge-purge cycle of addiction. 


Just like drugs and alcohol, porn is addictive… 


Porn can make you feel powerful and satisfied….for a moment…until you don’t feel good anymore…


I know you've tried to quit. 


You've made promises to yourself, to God, an accountability partner….maybe even to your spouse…but you still can’t quit. 


Maybe you TOLD everyone you've beaten it…but you know you haven't.


Have you started putting more distance between you and your friends…even your spouse…spending more time alone…and more time on your porn addiction?


Maybe you've become distant and aggravated at your kids or spouse or parents for no apparent reason.


Have you started to wonder if people KNOW you are watching porn and become paranoid about certain things?


You know you are in deep, you want to feel normal….but you don’t want to give up the porn either…


Maybe you love God, but you're unwilling to let go of this particular area of your life...


Have you felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit but you try to convince yourself that they're just pictures and you're not hurting anyone else?


Maybe you feel unworthy of love so you turn to porn to make you feel better?

I Know Exactly How You Feel...I've Been There

Friend, can I tell you something?


I know EXACTLY how you feel because I've been there…


All of those statements described ME not too long ago…


But here's the NAKED truth…


Trying to break free from your porn addiction alone is almost IMPOSSIBLE…


Let me fight this battle with you...CONFIDENTIALLY…


With the help of the Holy Spirit and another brother like me that understands the battle you're in, you can OVERCOME this addiction and walk in victory. 


Let me walk and fight alongside of you and together we can take back the ground the enemy has taken in your life and help you "Live Clean 365."  That's my moto...and it can be yours too! 


I've helped other men just like you identify the root cause of your addiction and walk step-by-step through a process of healing and recovery. 

Let Me Coach You...
Here's What You'll Get

  • A FREE Strategy Session with me to hear your story, explore solutions that will be effective, and decide on a plan of action for how I can help you get BREAKTHROUGH

  • Six one-on-one coaching sessions to provide accountability, training, and breakthrough to freedom

  • Individual access to me anytime via email or via text (during office hours) to offer help when you need it and accountability to keep you from doing anything stupid

  • Access to a private Facebook group that provides support and encouragement for guys overcoming porn addiction. You'll never feel alone again! 

  • A FREE copy of "10 Steps to Living Clean 365" that includes practical steps you can take today and every day to bring victory

  • 60% off life-time access to an online course designed just for men to gain victory over sexual and porn addictions

Here's What To Do Next...

I'm part of the Kingdom Coaches Network - an elite group of Christian coaches skilled in delivering breakthrough for our clients.  


Do you want breakthrough? 


The first step in our process is to talk with someone who can help.


No high pressure sales tactics.  No commitments.  No obligation. 


Just an honest conversation between two people in the Lord…and real HOPE for victory over your addiction.


Break free from your life of addiction, redeem your life and live FREE with help from someone that knows what you're going through….  


Schedule some time with us TODAY….

The first step is to talk with us...
We're here to help. 

Seriously, if you want to break FREE form porn…
and do it confidentially without anyone knowing…
then one-on-one coaching with a Kingdom Coach is the answer you've been looking for.

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